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tbh a lot of jokes on tumblr that start out funny get rly annoying after a while but none pizza with left beef hasn’t gotten any less funny in like two years and I’m not sure why

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きみに出逢えてよかった。 by はちこ@天然記念物

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Based on episode 6: What if Haruka had let Makoto win…?

okay so before i watched this everyone was freaking out about Makoto crying and saying poor Makoto don;t cry and ANYWAY I THOUGHT IT WAS SAD CRYING. But it turned out to be happy and the episode wasn’t even that sad so i got extremely disappointed, so i thought of this.

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I needed a gloomy Levi in the shower and I made a gloomy Levi in the shower don’t judge me ok? :D

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yep, starchild!Marco aka starrybutt and/or glowycock is definitely a thing now (fullsize here, the quality is way better~)

also please go show moami some love bc she picked this concept up and is making a fic out of it and constantly give me ideas for tweaking the design and makes me cry with her headcanons and she’s just the sweetest person ever ;v;


I left my wounds raw and empty
I let you fill them

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What it would look like if the Orion Nebula was a distance of 4 light years away.


Now I’m so pissed off that it isn’t

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Anonymous asked: For the kiss meme could you do Rin and Nitori on the lips?


i have a hard time remembering how tall/big rin is???? it’s all v confusing for me

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guys remember when I had a star trek crisis on twitter and I jsut„

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I can’t stop the hype train for the lovely lownly's fic, Like A Drum. Don’t expect me to stop drawing these two, because I just can’t help myself.

Jean has nightmares and nobody likes it. Marco helps.

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