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Have you ever asked yourself? — Laini Taylor

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make me choose meme: anonymous asked - eren or levi

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Here it goes, my very first sketch of Marco drawn soon after I saw 13th episode.

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I can’t remember if this really happened or I just read it in a story, but (what if) at one point Armin actually burns his hands pulling Eren out of the titan body. @_@ Cue my OT3 feels, you guys. 

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Yesterday my friends and I was watching “how to train your dragon 2” and I love it! It’s a very well balanced movie and my god the amount of little details! And everything is living their own life: while characters in front having conversation characters/dragons at the background don’t stand still… and this is wonderful! It’s been awhile since I like the movie without any “but”s.


get romantic and hug the boy? get romantic and hug the boy!

because Rei looks at Nagisa like at the biggest most precious treasure and I honestly can’t deal.

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